Day 1
14 entries
Name Status Vehicle Hometown Sponsor
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Benjamin Anderson
ConfirmedPLANO, TX
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Joseph Birmingham
ConfirmedPlano, TXÉcurie Écosse
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Lee Cash
ConfirmedDenton, TX
Miles Furlong
ConfirmedSTX Garage
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Sam Graff
ConfirmedKeller, TX
Mani Jay
ConfirmedAllen, TX
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Bob Kramer
ConfirmedIrving, TX
Chuck Lutz
ConfirmedMcKinney, TX
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Dave Moser
ConfirmedFlower Mound, TX
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David Powers
ConfirmedCarrollton, TX
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Geran Rose
ConfirmedArlington, TXHoney I broke it AGAIN!
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J. Brian Stone
ConfirmedFort Worth, TX
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David Tedeschi
ConfirmedAledo, TX
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Doug Wirth
ConfirmedOak Point, TX
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